Saturday, January 26, 2013

And Now for Something Completely Different

What ever could I mean? That Capt. Nap has NOT done something gross? That I've expanded my culinary horizons from Tofurkey into something even MORE hideous? That I have decided to stop sharing embarrassing life and/or pet-related events and focus my energies on fundraising for a cure to MS? No, no, and no. Had you all worried there for a minute, didn't I? Although, let me warn you, this post contains some things that have made me happy over the last several days. (I realize this doesn't always make for the most entertaining reading, but don't you fret; I'm bound to eat something nasty or do something embarrassing or witness one of my cats do something gross in short order, and I'll certainly post about it.)

In part, I'm inspired by a new blogging "friend." (At the risk of seeming like a creepy blog-stalker, I feel as if the people I've connected with through this blog are part of a new circle of friends.) If you haven't already, check out Stumbling in Flats. The author regularly cracks me up, but in her most recent post she talked about the delightful way a disease like MS (or any other, I expect) can lead someone occasionally to wallow in bad feelings.

I thought: do I wallow? (Yes.) But why? Aren't good things happening to me? (Okay, yes.) Should I post about good things and not just crappy things? (ALL RIGHT! I guess so. Jeez, get off my back already!)

So here goes:

Arts and Less Crap, Plus Being a Demanding Customer Pays Off! 

In case you've forgotten, I made a...well, a thing called "Ugh" in the post "Arts and Crap." In spite of being temporarily crushed by the humiliation that was "Ugh," I forged ahead and tried something new. Two things, actually. This time, though, I had the sense to stay away from bits coated in glitter pasted on wooden boards. These (called "Rather Cute" and "Not So Crappy") are pictured below:

Rather Cute

Not So Crappy

In "Not So Crappy" please note the subtle application of glitter. I learned my lesson from "Ugh." Both items have one of my favorite things on them: birds.

So, all in all, these made me happy. 
The other thing that made me happy was an awesome manager named Juan at a local restaurant. I explained to him that I was on the Swank Diet (not without some cringing; I hate to cause a scene of any kind). He could not have been nicer. He went over some options with me that didn't have butter, and this is what I got:

It isn't Tofurkey, but it will do.
It was a lovely grilled salmon with lemon oil, along with some spinach and broccolini, also in lemon oil. Guess what's now on my shopping list? Yes, lemon oil. (Sorry for the photo quality; I was so busy trying to stuff it in my face, that I didn't want to take too long with the damn picture.)

So, these are some recent things that have made me feel good. Next post: something embarrassing, I promise.

Ms. CrankyPants


  1. Hello Cranky!
    Thank you soooo much for the mention (big head alert). Just wanted to say I love your crafty things.
    I used to be really crafty, but sadly my wonky hands plus glue-gun made for some hilarious moments and the cat ran out the room. Maybe I should start again, something small, like gluing pieces of macaroni to some card and displaying my attempt on the fridge??

  2. Stumbling in Flats, I believe I can read between the lines, so I'll spare you having to ask. Yes, I'll be happy to sell you "Ugh," which is bound to be a massively popular item once I become a Crafter Extraordinaire. We'll just have to figure out the pounds-to-dollars bit. I'd say somewhere in the $50 range seems appropriate.

    I'm sorry to hear the MS has made being crafty a challenge for you. Somehow, this is one of the things I tend to forget when I'm telling my husband how hideous something I made looks. Really, I should be happy with what I *can* do (which sort of relates to my post above). But, yes, you should definitely try the macaroni-on-card items. Perhaps we could work out a crappy-craft exchange?

    Ms. C-P

  3. I like your crafts....and attitude about it. I will check out Stumbling now